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Circus Money Coming Soon

My daughter turns 17 next month. That means that it’s been nearly that long since Walter Becker put out a solo release. How are the two events related? Well, he had to watch her once for me when she was just a few months old while I did some work in his home studio on Maui. At the time he was working on that first release, 11 Tracks of Whack (yes, it was released in 1994 but these guys take a LONG time to record, as you may have heard). I could shoot myself for not having gotten a picture of him with her, and often wondered what he would normally charge for babysitting. I really enjoyed that time and learned a lot just listening to him both play and talk.

Anyway, WB has a new release coming out soon, and I’m looking forward to hearing it. Good luck with it, buddy.

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Paddy Tax

Pat Phelan has been on the warpath since O2 announced its pricing scheme for the iPhone deployment in Ireland on March 14. Alexia and Conor find a few more Paddy Taxes that O2 hoists upon its customers. If you look deep enough it is in much of the telecom industry, though there are a few exceptions like Pat’s own ventures and (for a particular kind of user) MobiPCS back in Hawai‘i. But by and large the major players all treat customers like potential prey instead of valued customers – it’s death by a thousand razors, or Paddy Taxes.

My wife and I share a mobile phone and our daughter has her own here in New Zealand. The only reason we have one is we don’t have a land-line, otherwise I’d be happier not being victimized by a vulture-like provider. Vodaphone NZ’s pricing for pay-as-you-go plans is ridiculous ($0.89 a minute, $0.20 per text), though on the plus side we don’t pay for incoming calls like most PAYG plans do back in the U.S.

I love Apple products, I love the iPhone, but I’m not getting one until I can choose a network without potentially bricking the phone, and am able to do so without making a long term commitment. It’s not going to happen until someone makes a better mobile phone. And before all of the Nokia fan-boys and fan-girls out there get up in arms – it’s not about what the phone can do, it’s about how it does it. And unfortunately nothing quite does it like the iPhone.

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