Hulihua is a Hawaiian language clone of a popular online word game. Hulihua is based on code create by Aidan Pine of The Mother Tongues Blog. It was designed specifically to enable advocates of indigenous languages to create versions of Wordle in their own language. The program currently contains a list of approximately 400 five-letter words assembled from some older texts in my possession. For this reason it does not contain some words found in the Māmaka Kaiao text, and not even all of those in the Pukui/Elbert dictrionary. It does include a more complete list of valid words so you should not see too many “not a valid word” warnings for words that do exist in those two books and other dictionaries I do intend to make the list more robust and hopefully translate the entire game into Hawaiian.

Mahalo to my hoa Noelani Arista for the nudge and pointing out the availability of Aidan’s code, and to Aiden for his kōkua with modifying the code, troubleshooting, and launching the game with its own domain.

Visit to play!

E ola ka ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i!

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