Aloha. This area of my website is dedicated to documenting the work I’ve done over the past 20 years to help strengthen the ability of Hawaiian speakers to use technology. The information provided is written as accurately and clearly as possible so that anyone who wants to use Hawaiian on their Macintosh, Windows PC, iPhone/iPod/iOS, and Android device, or create Hawaiian language documents for the World-Wide Web may do so. I provide no assurance or guarantee that anything documented here will work for everyone. Nor do I provide personal tech support in regards to these resources. I would like to be able to, and perhaps will be available for hire someday soon to address individuals’ and organizations’ issues with Hawaiian support on their technology systems; however, at this time I cannot.

2 comments on “‘Ōlelo-Tech Disclaimer

Brooke Jones says:

Thank you for creating the Papa Pihi for Chrome OS! 🙂

kahu says:

You’re welcome! Glad folks are making good use of it!

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