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Funding to help business in city go bilingual.

[ From the Daily Ireland ] “Businesses in Belfast are being encouraged to embrace the Irish language with the relaunch of a scheme to help them benefit from using it more. Foras na Gaeilge is offering small to medium-sized enterprises funding to erect bilingual outdoor signs on their premises or produce brochures or websites in both Irish and English.”

I’ve sometimes thought of starting a program in Hawai’i that would encourage the promotion of Hawaiian in the business arena. More and more my family and I encounter Hawaiian speakers that we don’t know, and learn this by some chance encounter. I often wonder how many people we encounter on a daily basis can speak the language, but we don’t know it, and they don’t know we do either. What if a store would advertise that it has Hawaiian speaking employees. I’m sure the Hawaiian speaking community would support such an endeavor and patronize such an establishment. No program yet exists to support such efforts.

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  1. Aloha kaua e Keola!

    Will you please help me to put an end to the cultural
    genocide of native Hawai’ians? 125 years now after the
    illegal overthrow of their government Hawai’ians still can’t
    vote using their own language!

    So it is time that a new voting block emerge…
    H2? – Hawai’i Bilingual!

    Here are our positions:

    1. Bilingual public services in Hawai’i should be implemented
    immediately as they presently are in Canada:

    2. All future public sector employees in the State should pass a
    Hawai’ian language proficiency exam.

    3. All public service communications should be published in Hawai’ian,
    in addition to English. Here’s an example:

    4. The Hawai’i State Board of Education and the University of Hawai’i
    should adopt Hawai’ian language proficiency graduation standards.

    H2? – Hawai’i Bilingual maintains the following membership websites:

    Facebook http://apps.facebook.com/causes/124832?recruiter_id=13574130

    Maoliworld http://www.maoliworld.com/group/h2ohawaiibilingual

    MySpace http://www.causes.com/myspace/causes/129190?e=679ca242&recruiter_id=13574130

    PLEASE JOIN ONE OF THE ABOVE GROUPS (preferably Facebook)


    We’re gaining momentum…

    Election of the next Mayor of Honolulu is less than three weeks away.
    What would happen if each one of us committed that two of
    our friends would double our recruitment efforts each day, and so on,
    for the next 10 days?

    Day 1: 2, Day 2: 4, Day 3: 8, Day 4: 16, Day 5: 32, Day 6: 64, Day 7:
    128, Day 8: 256, Day 9: 504, Day 10: 1008! x 24 current members of
    H2′? = 24,192 voters that can influence the Honolulu Election next
    month for the betterment of Hawai’ian speaking people everywhere!

    Shall we give it a try?

    Let’s do it!



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