I tried to post a comment on Mike Torres’ MSN Spaces blog, but got an error.

It said “This comment contains language that is prohibited. Please delete the prohibited language, and then click Publish Comment.” Here is the content of my post…

“Aloha Mike, mahalo (thanks) for the reply on Scoble’s blog. I’m very interested in providing a Hawaiian translation of the MSN Spaces user interface if your team would allow me. I’m an Assistant. Professor of Hawaiian Studies at UH-Hilo and work with our Hawaiian Language Center on all tech issues. i’ve translated Netscape Communicator, the FirstClass Client, Appleworks and other apps into Hawaiian over the years. We’re looking at setting up a Hawaiian MovableType server, but if we could get it set up with Spaces I’d simply refer people here. We have 2,000+ K-12 students in Hawaiian immersion programs, and many times that in speakers and students at the secondary and post-secondary level. Please let me know if this might be feasible, even if it is a mid- to long-term project.”

I thought that perhaps it didn’t like the words AppleWorks, Netscape, or Movable Type, so eliminated them and tried again. No go. Got rid of Hawaiian words, my name and others, and it wouldn’t accept them. I gave up.

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