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Hacked! Argh!!!

Last week I got a call from my ISP that my WordPress install had been hacked. I feel so exposed. Unfortunately I didn’t live up to my mantra of “backup, backup, and backup again” when it came to the blog, and my ISP’s oldest backup was done after the hack and been done. I’ve restored the blog back to last summer, but everything else is lost. I may have some of the old articles saved as text files on my hard drive and will post them as I find them. Thanks to Mark at Pacific Pro-Tech Services for all the…

WordPress WierdNess

Aloha gang, my apologies for the boring theme and lack of activity. I’ve been experiencing a lot of behind-the-scenes issues with WordPress since upgrading to 2.8.4, and have been unable to resolve it. It’s starting to look like a configuration issue on my ISP’s server. He’s looking into it and hopefully it will be resolved soon so I can resume providing you with mind-numbing updates that will help solve your insomnia.

WordPress 2.3 Ships

WordPress 2.3, code named “Dexter” (for jazz great Dexter Gordon), has shipped. I’m looking forward to taking it for a spin. Look for it to be implemented here on Culture Hack sometime this week. Update: Site upgraded with no issues (knocks on wood). I also implemented the same template that I use on Nahenahe.net with a change in the color scheme. I like clean.

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