[ Via Scripting News ] Blockbuster Takes On NetFlix .

[ Via Scripting News ] Blockbuster Takes On NetFlix.

Keola’s Take On NetFlix…

I gave up on them after only two months (one free and one paid). It wasn’t their fault, but it just took too darn long for some DVDs to get here. Some got here in three days, others took close to two weeks (we’re in Hawai’i). Two weeks after I cancelled our account, I got an email from NetFlix that they had not received the two DVDs that I had mailed prior to cancelling, and that I would have to pay for them ($19.95) if they didn’t get them back. I never got any more emails, and never got billed for them, so I assume that the USPS finally got around to delivering them.

When I first read Blockbuster’s take on online video and DVD rentals (something along the line that rentals were an impulse thing, and people wouldn’t want to change their viewing habits), I laughed. I thought NetFlix would be great. But we like to watch movies on the weekend, and if movies showed up on Monday or Tuesday, we didn’t feel like sitting on DVDs for 3 or 4 days before watching them. NetFlix made us change our viewing habits, and I didn’t care for it. We don’t use Blockbuster either, opting for a locally-owned video place, but we’re back to our old way of enjoying movies on Friday and Saturday nights, and much happier for it.

NetFlix is a cool idea. If they could only guarantee me Friday delivery on my rentals I’d have been a very happy camper. Not likely with USPS as the middleman.

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