Dave , Ernie the Attorney and Bernie Goldb

Dave, Ernie the Attorney and Bernie Goldbach discuss the merits of various cellphone/pda devices. I’ve successfully fought my wife’s attempts to have me buy a portable phone for a few years now. Some of these devices are tempting.

These are the things that I would require, and none of the devices listed have them all:

  • Cell Phone with headset/mic jack
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • MP3 Player (holds at least 50 songs)
  • Palm OS driven
  • Mac-compatible synchronization applications
  • Email, web and instant messaging

The following would be nice, but their absence would not be deal-killers:

  • GSP capabilities
  • Color display

Back in the mid-80s I had an Atari Portfolio and absolutely loved it. It ran a ton of DOS programs and utilities, and I used to access my BBS from it with a battery-powered modem (2400 baud). I want a 2003 version of the Portfolio.

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