Thanks for the link and comment , Dave.

Thanks for the link and comment, Dave. Maybe you can help clarify how much of this end users like me needs to understand. I sense the disconnect, too, but I’m not a developer. Maybe I qualify for power-user status, and have hacked away on Frontier and RU enough to make it work with Hawaiian language, my major concern. I’m busy teaching, designing web courses, finishing my MA and trying to get some guitar chops back. While I don’t mind getting my hands dirty with the tech stuff, how deeply does Joe-Average-User like me need to get involved with this issue, and in what way? Name spaces? RDF? I’ve read your posts on the issues and some of the comments from the Echo/Atom side, and I feel pretty un-qualified to enter the debates. As a user, I simply want my tools of choice to work.

I sense this is getting back to some posts you made last month. A lot of end users like me simply put our faith in your vision of where this stuff is should be headed, and don’t chirp up very often. How do we do more? Thanks for listening.

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