Meet The Duckleone Family

I have a tip for anyone trying to give up TV cold turkey – buy some ducks. Not that I’m giving up TV, but I can sit for hours and watch these characters. My wife started calling one of them “Sunny” because of a bit of orange on his/her bill. I changed that a bit and named the rest of them after characters from “The Godfather.” Meet Vito, Michael, Santino (“Sonny/Sunny”), Don Barzini, Luca Brasi, and Connie. We’re still not sure about all of their sexes, so we may have some name changes in the future. Fortunately there are plenty of characters in the movie to choose from.

All of the ducks seem to defer to Vito, and cast a suspicious eye on Don Barzini. Vito is always the first duck in the swimming pond, and the others wait until he’s “blessed” the water before entering. Connie’s the best looking bird, and I’m concerned that Luca Brasi’s days may be numbered. They don’t care much for individual mug shots, preferring family portraits around the dinner table, er, egg carton.

Ducks are definitely not the most intelligent or graceful (at least not on land) animals God put on the earth, but they are high in entertainment value.

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