The Unfunniest Joke

I kept waiting for the punchline, but none came. I guess I should give him credit for surviving in a sea of clearly superior comics, but when your secret to success is to wrap your mother’s Vietnamese accent around some pretty weak material it’s hard to give Dat Phan much credit. Well, I’ll give him this much – his jokes and timing did get stronger as the show went on (the kung fu urinal routine wasn’t bad but hardly original), but he clearly was wasn’t in the same league as some of his competitors.

Ralphie May, that was one funny dude. Rich Voss – probably the sharpest and best comedy-schooled of the bunch, and I liked him a lot, but I think people probably found it hard to like him. Even obnoxious comedians like Sam Kinnison gave you something to like about them, something you can sympathize or empathize with. Tess- probably the most naturally funny of the bunch. Cory Kahaney – she started the series strong but stumbled down the stretch. But Dat? Argh. They’ll probably give him is own sitcom to punish America for voting for him.

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