Do Not Call List On Hold.

This is annoying as heck. 50 million people want this, and one asshole federal judge can toss it aside. How does one get a judge recalled? If Bush wants to impress me, he needs find a way get rid of this incompetent loser.

I agree with one aspect of this, but not enough to see the entire program get delayed. I don’t want politicitans, charities or people conducting surveys intruding on my dinner either. We should be able to choose what, if any, kinds of unsolicited calls we get. If we don’t want any calls, we shouldn’t have to get any. There are probably a few brave and considerate people in congress that would be willing to add their own soliciting to the banned list, but probably not enough for it to happen.

And for the “Freedom of Speech” zealots out there, telemarketers are not exercising free speech – they are conducting harassment on a massive scale. I exercise free speech every time I make a post here. People have the option of not reading my site. That’s how free speech works. Those who want to speak, can, as long as it doesn’t impede on my right not to listen. That’s all the “Do Not Call” does.

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