Irish Studies Online!

I was stoked to find this site online, and plan to investigate it further. With my the receipt of my MA in Hawaiian Language and Literature just around the corner, I’m looking for a new mountain to climb. This looks like small mountain, but maybe just a warmup.

I’m really want to get back to Ireland for an extended stay, maybe up to a year, to continue study of the language, and also study the efforts being made to assure the perpetuation of Irish Gaelic. All signs point toward National University of Ireland at Galway, and coincidentally it is through an arrangement with NUI-Galway that Regis University offers this degree in Irish Studies.

I’ve been investigating the possibility of applying for a Fulbright scholarship to help pay for my studies there. If any reader out there has experience in applying for Fulbright, or perhaps spent time in Ireland on a Fulbright scholarship I’d love to hear from you.

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