Here’s some non-Userland documentation of Dave’s authorship of weblogging tools in 1997.

I only steal from the best. When I noticed the format Dave started using on Scripting News, I quickly mimiced it for my Hawaiian music website, NahenaheNet. The format is now commonly called – a blog! The earliest entry on this page is 10/21/97, but I know I was doing it earlier as well, but definitely after Dave started it.

The link above is an old archive page still on the server from the days that I used Frontier’s website framework to maintain the news. Now I use Manila, and FTP the page over to my static server. So people writing the history of weblogs better get their story straight! There is no Frontier badge on the page, but take my word for it – that’s how I did it. The 1998 archive page proudly displays the Frontier badge…

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