My search for a Ph.d. program continues.

I have been extremely disappointed with the lack of response to my many inquiries to various programs in Ireland, New Zealand and England. The most pleasant, informative and encouraging responses have all come from the ethnomusicology program at the University of Sheffield in the U.K.

The International Council For Traditional Music will be holding their world conference there in August, 2005. I have submitted a proposal to present the research I conducted for my MA Thesis. If it is accepted I will be jetting there, both to attend and present at the conference, and to meet with the faculty of Sheffield’s program. Keeping fingers crossed.

Our own College’s proposed Ph.d. program (in Indigenous Language Perpetuation) is going to be discussed and may be approved at the UH Board of Regent’s meeting in Hilo in the week coming up. Fingers crossed for that, too.

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