Hawaiian Music Giant Keali’i Reichel Allows Use Of His Music In Podcast.

Former Apple marketing wiz and current Maui Macintosh evangelist Scott Waters has included Keali’i Reichel‘s breakout recording Kawaipunahele in his most recent podcast, and has received emails from other Hawai’i artists who are willing to allow the inclusion of their music in future podcasts.

Reichel has been one of the best selling recording artists and concert draws for the past decade, and is one of the finalists for the inaugural Hawaiian Grammy, which will be awarded this February.

Clarification I want to make sure that it is clear that Keali’i has allowed Scott to use his music in his MacHelpMaui podcasts, and that this is not a blanket approval for anyone to use his music. If you have a podcast and would like to contact his management, email me and I’ll send you his manager’s contact information.

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