Blogosphere buzzing over Apple new product announcements.

I was tuned into a couple of people who were blogging Steve Job’s keynote at Macworld. There is a lot to be excited about – the iPod Shuffle, Mac Mini, and the improvements in iLife ’05. I’m most interested in iWork, the AppleWorks replacement. AppleWorks was getting long in the tooth, and was not even a Coca app – shameful for an Apple product in this day and age.

While it was not streamed live, the keynote is now available for viewing. I heard that Jobs did crash an application during the demo, but was quickly able to force-quit and restart the app, unlike Bill G’s infamous blue screen of death episode.

I actually went to the Apple Store and was trying to buy and iPod Shuffle, but the server must have been getting slammed and I got constant server reset errors. After a few minutes of trying I decided to think about it some more, and decide whether or not to get the Shuffle, a Mini or the Real McCoy. Maybe they’ll have a blow-out on the U2 Special Edition when Vertigo falls out of the Top 10.

So Scott, are we going to get a podcast with your enlightened analysis on the developments?

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