I’m doing my own variation on Scoble’s tsunami donation scheme.

He’s donating $5 for every time he uses the word ‘blog’ on his blog. I’m teaching a Polynesian Music class at UH-Hilo this semester. I mentioned to the class that I have this thing about Hawai’i island being referred to as ‘The Big Island.’ As my friend and colleague Kekuhi Kanahele has said, ‘Please don’t call it the Big Island; it has a name.’ Following up on that, I told the students that I’d donate $5 for every time I used ‘Big Island’ in class. I couldn’t even get through that class period without using it. $5 more owed.

My wife and I already contributed to the American Red Cross’ International Relief Fund, so they’ll most likely be getting some more from us as the semester moves on. It seems like a great, albeit potentially expensive, way to break a bad habit.

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