Namu Pa’i ‘Ai.

Sarah Roberts’ weblog features “News and Linguistic Sketches on Hawai’i Creole English and Other Pidgins and Creoles.” One of the web examples she posts, though it is not her own, is curious:

Lyk da ada dae… he wen stay making troubLe… so den she wen make hym go in tha breakout room… en den Lyk he was pLaying wif everything in there.

I grew up in Kihei, Maui. I spoke SE (Standard English) in front of the parents, and HCE (Hawaiian Creole English, or “Pidgin” as it’s called here) with friends. I never heard th become f in Pidgin as we spoke it. Most commonly the h was dropped and “with” became “wit.”

I’m hoping Sarah adds an RSS feed to the blog to ease monitoring it.

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