Super Yawn.

So far it’s not impressive. Sloppy. Best commercial so far is from just before kickoff – a monkey walks around his enclosure at the zoo with a banana to the side of his head and talking into it – imitating the Verizon “can you hear me now?” guy. Cute. Most touching – an Anheuser-Busch add featuring soldiers walking though an airport and being applauded by the people in the terminal. My son has been in Baghdad for close to a year, and we’re anxious for him to get home, obviously. He related that kind of experience as he returned to Hawai’i last summer for his only leave during this tour.

Worst commercial? I’ll agree with Dave – the FedEx/Kinko’s commercial with Burt Reynolds. A complete waste of money.

Eagles driving, down 14-7. OK, it’s getting less boring. Touchdown, Eagles! Yes!

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