I am now a happy former cell phone owner.

I signed up for Verizon Wireless a bit over two years ago in preparation for a trip to Oklahoma. My wife and I were going to attend our son’s graduation from Army boot camp, and against my better judgement, I gave it to the little voice that kept telling me “just do it!” I have to admit that there have been occasions that it came in handy, but more often than not it wasn’t worth the hassle. It barely worked at our home – I had to go outside and stand on our l?nai (porch) in order to use it.

To me, a cell phone is worth no more than a plain old telephone in my home – about $25 per month. If somebody had a plan that cost about that much, had a respectable number of minutes per month, did not require a long-term commitment and worked in our neighborhood I’d probably do it again. But it wasn’t worth the $50 a month I paid on my old plan. They probably spend that extra $25 on all of their advertising.

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