My good deed for the day.

I spent some time with Scott on iChat trying to troubleshoot a problem with his copy of Radio Userland. All of his permalinks and picture links were broken, and the domain name of his site appeared twice in the URL, the second time it appeared as the root directory. I suspected it was a folder name problem and we found it. You need to be sure to use “http://” in the URL field in the FTP Option page (this link will only work if you have RU and it is running). Otherwise Radio interprets all of the URLs as relative, and adding your domain name to the relative path, which then breaks all your links.

I love RU and its geekly underpinnings, but it can be a wee bit cantankerous at times. I found that many of its fits can be cured by simply restarting the app.

I’m posting this tidbit simply so that I can find it again. Not bragging or anything

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