West Belfast Gaeltacht Quarter has tremendous tourism potential.

An interesting development. I know there are people from Ireland who read this blog. One of the options I’m considering for my Ph.d. pursuit is the enthnomusicology program at Queen’s University-Belfast. I’ve had some very positive correspondence with the faculty there, and am considering applying for possible entry in fall, 2007. If there is anyone who can help me and provide some basic information on living in the area of the university (I’d like to avoid having to purchase a car), I’d be grateful. Please feel free to leave a comment to this message or send me and email.

Of course, one of the appeals to pursuing a Ph.d. in Ireland is the opportunity to resume language study. I recently purchased a very lightly used copy of the Linguaphone Irish course, and find it much more enjoyable and effective than some of the other materials I’ve purchased. I’ve not found any information that confirms this, but it seems it might have been done using speakers of the Connemara dialect.

The University of Otago in Aotearoa (New Zealand) remains high on my list of potential schools as well. I’ve made a commitment to myself to come to a decision by the end of this semester. If it’s Otago, I’d probably enter next spring. If they’ll have me, of course

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