Pics and Audio From Volcano Arts & Cultural Festival

I posted a few pictures from Kenneth Makuak?ne’s performance (with a little support from yours truly) at the Volcano Arts & Cultural Festival, held in Ka‘?, Hawai‘i island last Saturday. Sorry if the pics are grainy; they were lifted from the video that my daughter recorded of the performance. Kenneth allowed me to include some of the audio in my most recent podcast, his performance of the R. Alex Anderson hapa-Haole standard “Haole Hula” as well as his N? H?k? Hanohano Song of the Year award-winning composition, “I Miss You, My Hawai‘i.” N? Leo Pilimehana originally recorded the song on their album of the same name about six years ago. Kenneth has never recorded it himself, so it was a treat to hear the composer’s own rendition of a hit song.

It was raining quite hard at times, and one large speaker shorted out and started smoking in front of the stage. I have a video clip of that and will have to post it at some point.

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