Hawai‘i Primary Election Coverage

My wife and I watched the coverage of Hawai‘i’s primary election last night, and it did not start well. We began by watching KHON (the FOX affilate) with Joe Moore. I used to like Joe a lot, however, in recent years it reminded me of watching the old Monday Night Football broadcasts with Howard Cosell. ABC wasn’t as much covering the football game as they were about covering Cosell, Don Meredith and Frank Gifford talking about the game. So, it seems, KHON is covering Joe Moore talking about the news, with his “all-knowing” smirks at the camera. Within the first ten minutes of our tuning in to KHON they cut off analysts in mid-sentence to cut away to “live” coverage. The first to cut to and incredibly earthshattering (gasp!) development of Ed Case’s arrival at his campaign headquarters, and the second time to him welcoming his supporters. We turned to KGMB shortly thereafter and found their coverage a bit lacking as well. We finally switched to our KITV (our usual news station), and found the coverage to much more to our liking.

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