Mass Confusion

I’ve been in contact with many helpful people in Ireland trying to determine what we can do with our 16 year old daughter. Thank you all for the kindness. UC-Cork’s International Student Office informed me about two weeks ago that we would have to find a fee-paying school for her attend. The Southern Regional office of the Department of Education and Sciences says no, we can put her in any school.

“Please note that you may apply to any school in the area you will be living (fee paying or not) to enrol your daughter. I enclose a link to a list of schools in Cork city to assist you in this matter.”

UCC ISO contacts someone at Immigration, who confirms with them that they are being very strict about dependents of visiting students, and that we must find a private school for her. The Irish Embassy website here in the US says differently:

“Public primary (4-12 years) and second level (12-17 years) education is free to dependent children of all persons legally resident in Ireland. There are also private fee paying schools (both day and boarding). Unlike the US most public schools are denominational in character and management.”

I’m less concerned about having to pay for her education than finding something that is in the proximity of UCC, and just need a final determination. Will have to call the Irish consulate in San Francisco tomorrow. ISO says that the Irish government doesn’t want to pay for the education of dependent students. Does that mean we don’t have to pay any taxes while we are there? Fair is fair, right?

Postscript: I think I’m starting to get the logic. If they were to grant an immigrant card to our daughter, she would be entitled to free education. Therefore if they requires us to enroll her in a fee-paying school prior to giving her a card. If we don’t they don’t give her one. Tricky.

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