iPhone Supports Hawaiian Diacritics!

A colleague of mine showed up to work with an iPhone, so the first thing we did was to check if its email program supports Hawaiian characters. He already had it set up to check his .Mac account, so he sent himself an email from GMail which used the Hawaiian keyboard that ships with OS X. A few moments later is showed up on his iPhone, with the diacritics showing in both the subject field as well as the body text. Amazing! We haven’t found a way to generate the ‘okina and kahak? on the iPhone, but at least it displays them. Baby steps!

P.S. I don’t have an iPhone and have no intention of getting one yet, but it sure is tempting. The user interface was amazing, and despite some of the reports I’ve heard to the contrary, very intuitive. I was memorized for the few minutes I spent with it.

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