Geekly Bonding

There is nothing that brings a father and teenage daughter together like a piece of new technology. As mentioned previously, I purchased a Motorola V551 GSM phone for her. It arrived, and after comparing coverage areas in NY, we signed up for a pay-as-you-go plan with Cingular/AT&T. It turns out most of her friends have Cingular/AT&T as well, and their calls to each other are free. We then spent time togther figuring out how to sync her Mac’s Address Book and that in the phone, editing MP3 files that she could move to the phone to use as ring tones via Bluetooth, and pictures that can be used as caller portraits. You couldn’t wipe the grin off of her face with a mop.

BTW, the ring tone for my office number is the chorus of “Code Monkey”. 😉

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