New Idea On Immigration Fiasco. Thoughts Anyone?

  1. That I travel alone to Shannon or Cork early next week, Monday or Tuesday, if the situation is not cleared up by Monday, and leave my wife and daughter with relatives in Philadelphia or at the hotel in NY. Even the officer in Dublin stated I could enter but my wife and daughter could not. Not certain if the reason stated in his refusal letter could come back to bite me in the arse.
  2. I go to Cork and try to get my daughter into a school that is acceptable to immigration, and clarify their status with immigration there. Perhaps I can even get this process started by phone and email, I do have contact information from some that I am confident will be acceptable, and can confirm this with immigration.
  3. Once I have documents from the new school I have them fly over to Shannon or Cork and meet them there.
  4. Celebrate happy ending.

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