No Joy Yet

It’s 10:30 AM EST and no word from the folks in Cork, I am hoping that they are busy paving the way for our return, or at least attempting to do so. Contacted the Irish consulate in NY this morning and was advised that they could look into the situation for us and advise a course of action, but not much else.

My aunt who lives in Philadelphia is driving to pick us and our spirits up this afternoon, and take us back to Philly to be around family. We could use it right now. I’m hopefully that my plan to return to Cork alone sounds feasible to the folks in Cork and and the consulate, and that perhaps I can fly out tomorrow or later in the week.

Our ordeal also made the front page of Lá Nua, an Irish language newspaper with a large following. Mahalo as always to Conn for helping to get word out regarding our plight.

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