Philadelphia, Day 3

I awoke this morning after the best night’s sleep I’ve gotten since we returned to the states on Friday evening, albeit with a nasty headache. There does not seem to be much else for us to do but play the waiting game; it’s all in the hands of folks in Ireland at this point. No news from there awaited when we woke up.

On the advice of my aunt and Conn we will be getting out of the house seeing the sights of Philadelphia today. It’s my daughter’s first visit here and wife’s second. Unfortunately there is no room in our luggage for souvenirs.

Update, 8:00PM EST. We had a nice day in center city, visited Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the King Tut exhibition at the Franklin Institute. We treated it as an educational day for our daughter and quizzed her on what she say during the day. We will post pictures later. It was good to get out of the house and get our minds off of things in Ireland, and probably for the best as we returned and found no new developments. UCC suggests awaiting the delivery of our appeal letter to the gardai superintendent. I just learned that it arrived in Dublin via FedEx about 12:38AM Dublin time, and I am hoping that delivery to the superintendent is swift, that he is available to read it quickly, and make a quick and positive decision on our behalf. I plan to get up early tomorrow to check news.

I’ve been asked by some friends back in Hawai’i, “Why are you putting yourself and your family through this? Come home and do your Ph.d. here or somewhere else.” I could give up, but am not ready to at this point. Neither is my family, and we talk about our situation every few hours. There is nowhere else in the world I would rather do my Ph.d. than in Ireland. I still feel this is a simple misunderstanding that could be cleared up if I was simply given the opportunity, and still believe that there is someone there who can and will give us a fair hearing on the matter.

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Is trua liom do chás, a chara. Guím gach rath oraibh. An mbeidh fadhb agat gan d’iníon ag freastal ar scoil ar bith i rith an ama seo?
Hope you don’t run into problems keeping your daughter out of school during all of this.

keola says:

Mahalo nui. We’ve been keeping in contact with the principal at her school in Hawai’i, and she will have no problem catching up if we have to return. Since school in Cork only started last week she’d have about two weeks to catch up on. Trying to do some tutoring whil we are here.

Mahalo for the kind thoughts.


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