Philadelphia, Monday, 17 Sept.

I decided to cease blogging activities for the past weekend as there was no indication that there would be any news until today, and so far this is little to report now either. The prognosis does not appear to be good for a reversal of our initial refusal, though indications are that a solo attempt to re-enter Ireland would not be impaired by that previous attempt. We’re holding on a bit more for news today, if none comes, I may return on short notice. I probably won’t announce it here for obvious reasons, however, it will be through normal immigration channels. If I am refused, we go home. If I am allowed in, I will simply try to clear the path for my wife and daughter’s return.

Another article appeared yesterday, in the Sunday Tribune, but it basically repeats the same story that has already been told. It is appreciated nonetheless.

Update #1, 3:30PM EST. I received a call from an officer at GNIB who was courteous enough but didn’t seem particularly happy to be speaking to me. He informed me that I would be receiving a response to my appeal letter by fax tomorrow morning. I asked if he had a minute for a few questions and he declined to talk to me, saying he would prefer that I wait until I received the fax.

We spoke to the principal of a school that is definitely fee-paying in Cork today. She was appalled when I related our story, though she had heard of similar issues regarding children of foreigners working and studying in Ireland. While she needed to confirm with her staff, she seemed quite sure that there would be room for Denyce in their school’s transition year program and that we would be able to arrange for enrollment and payment of fees from Philadelphia. That would be wonderful.

If this does happen we are seriously considering going back to Ireland later this week, all required documentation in hand. If they turn us away, at least we know we did everything in our power to make this year happen. My wife and I talked to Denyce about it, giving her the option of me going alone, us traveling to Ireland together, or turning back to Hawai’i, and she wants us all to go to Ireland together, even if there is the potential that they may find some other reason to deny us entry. I think that is an important lesson for our daughter – never give up on your dream.

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lexia says:

I hope that tomorrow morning’s fax brings some bright news for you, Keola, and for your family.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the details. Fact is, you’re accepted as a fee-paying international student at University College Cork. Irish Passport Control officers do not set Irish education policy. On that basis alone, you should be allowed leave to land in the Republic of Ireland. If you are denied leave to land on a solo entry, it means the Garda National Immigration Bureau believes neither the UCC Registrar nor yourself. And if that happens, I sincerely hope the politicians who abide you will raise their concerns in the Dail as Parliamentary Questions.

Aonghus says:

Go n-eirí libh!

I hope that there is an end, a good end, in sight. And also that the politicians keep up the questioning regardless. It seems like such an unnecessary hole in policy here.

Keith says:

Ruairi Quinn TD has Dáil questions down that will be answered late on Wednesday evening Irish time. They should be up on the Dáil website ( in the Debates section by Thursday morning at the latest.

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