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Last fall and spring I collaborated with my dear friend and colleague Kainani Kahaunaele on a series of podcasts intended to assist beginning students of the Hawaiian language using the N? Kai ‘Ewalu textbook. It took a little longer than we planned, but the podcasts are now online.

Please keep in mind that these podcasts are intended to be used in conjunction with the N? Kai ‘Ewalu textbook, whether you are learning in the classroom setting, in an online class or learning by yourself at home. There is a link on the podcast page if you need to order the text. While you may find it interesting to listen to even if you are not actively learning the language, students will benefit most if they work through each chapter of N? Kai ‘Ewalu, have the lessons fresh in your mind, and then listen to the podcast(s) for each mokuna. Be sure to speak when you are told to do so – it is very important! We’re putting the sound of the language in your ears in order to help you get it coming out of your mouth!

Mahalo to Chancellor Rose Tseng at UH-Hilo, the UH-Foundation and the Straube Foundation who provided the funds for developing these podcasts, as well as Kainani for her wonderful work on the project.

Update:: The podcast can now be subscribed to through the iTunes Podcast directory by clicking on this graphic:
Keola Donaghy and Kainani Kahaunaele - Ho'olele Hualono HAW101 - Ho'olele Hualono HAW101

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