First Saturday In Dunedin: More Walking

Marie and I headed out to the Dunedin train station near the city center today as they hold the Otogo Farmers’ Market there every Saturday. It’s about the same size or perhaps slightly smaller than the farmer’s market in Hilo, minus all of the new age, incense and crystal-type vendors you find there. The train station is about a 20 minute walk from our flat. The fruits and produce were nice, perhaps a bit more expensive than what we are used to. Cherries, apricots and berries are plentiful and expensive, but delicious. Sorry there are no pics, but we knew we’d be hauling a load back to the house so I left the camcorder at home with M?lia, who preferred to get caught up on developments back home with her friends. Soda is very expensive here, too. The lowest price I’ve seen for a small bottle of soda like you can buy in a convenience store in Hilo for $1.29-1.49 is $2.50. While I’ve tried to cut down on the caffeine over the past few months, I suspect it will drop even further while we are here.

We’ve been really surprised at how light the traffic is on the roads here. Dunedin is very spread out (population stated to be about 125,000) and has a lot of homes, and it seems there should be far more cars on the road. We’re still trying to figure out the Dunedin bus service, and may go for a ride tomorrow.

While there we ran into Stewart and Donna from WIC, our wireless ISP. Very nice people and their service is great. I highly recommend them for anyone in Dunedin. With connectivity I started getting caught up with my work for UHH while away, including dealing with a few Ulukau related issues.

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