Heat Wave, New Zealand-Style

It looks like what everyone has been telling us is true – that the weather has been spectacular by Aotearoa standards. Daily New Zealand News reports that it’s been been the best stretch of summer weather here since 1998-1999. To us it’s been like everyday weather back in Hilo. One drawback to our flat at this time is that there are only very small windows that can open in each room, and they don’t bring much relief from the stuffiness of the day. I’m sure that will be of little consequence when the weather turns cooler.

DNZN also reports that the North island will be getting some moisture from Cyclone Funa, which has been north of Aotearoa. No worries for us, it is well north of where we are.

I have a 3PM meeting with the chair of the Music Department, Dr. Henry Johnson, tomorrow, and will begin mapping out my work for the semester. I’ve been offered a part-time teaching assignment, but need to discuss the details of it with him. Of course I’m happy to share my knowledge of Hawaiian music with the students here.

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