Take The Last Train To… Palmerston?

Dunedin To Palmerston Train RideWhile I have have been working and researching diligently for the past week or so, we decided to have one last “tourist day” before M?lia begins school next week Monday. There are several train tours available on Taieri Gourge Railway, we opted for the shorter, shoreline route which runs from Dunedin to Palmerston and back. The day began overcast and ominous, so much so that we took umbrellas. We didn’t need to – the sky opened and once we left the Dunedin harbor area it turned out to be a fantastic day. The entire trip from Dunedin to Palmerston and back (same route) takes about four hours, with the half-hour stop in Palmerston figured in.

The trip is quite scenic – you follow the coastline for nearly the entire trip, through a few tunnels, and stop for a break in Palmerston. There is not much there to see, just a few shops near the train station. Marie said it reminder her of P?‘ia. Perhaps, but P?‘ia of 25 years ago and not today. A history of the railway can be found here. A few picks are posted on the Flickr page, just click on the pic at right to access them. Here’s some video footage as well. No commentary or music, just nice scenery:

OK, back to work…

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