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Scott and UluI’ve changed the name of the blog from Culture Hack (singular) to Culture Hacks, in anticipation of the arrival of my long-time friend and Celtic cousin Scott Waters. Scott use to run a blog called MacHelpMaui, and did a podcast of the same name with his partner Carmen Gardner. Scott recently ditched his blogs and headed off to Cornwall to spend time with relatives and get back into his art. Scott and I had talked about going into business together on Maui at one point back in the 1980s, but it didn’t pan out. As it is I’ve relocated southwest to Aotearoa and he northeast to Cornwall.

I’ve invited Scott to use Culture Hacks as his online home so that he can report on his adventures in the land of his ancestors. Fortunately for him the return to the land of his ancestors was swift and pleasant, unlike my own. You can check out some of his work by clicking on his self-portrait above.

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