Facebook Announces Localization Application

I stumbled across a post a few days ago that announced that Facebook now has an application for user translation/localization of the user interface. That’s something I’ve wanted for a long time – the ability to localize the interface into Hawaiian. If you have a Facebook account and have a few minutes, please make a post in this discussion thread and request that they allow a Hawaiian localization. I’ll do the work.

Scott, you need to round up a bunch of Cornish speakers and see if they can keep up with me. Five or six might stand a chance 😉

2 comments on “Facebook Announces Localization Application

swaters says:

I’m not sure that there ARE a half dozen Cornish speakers, at least where they could be found. I’m just trying to meet some one date, or even talk to who has a pulse and an IQ higher than their body temperature.

I’d rank the pulse over the IQ in importance if I were you. Beggers can’t be choosers, y’all 😉

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