Queenstown was a blast!

Cemetary?Our family spent three nights and two glorious days in Queenstown (in central Otago, Aotearoa) this weekend. The weather was spectacular – just a bit nippy in the mornings and evenings, but very comfortable all day with no rain (or snow!). We took an Intercity Bus from Dunedin to Queenstown ($19 each way when booked online), with two brief pit stops along the way. It takes just a bit over four hours each way, and the scenery varies between boring (look, more sheep!) to spectacular scenes right out of Lord Of The Rings.

I’ll do a full report later; just wanted to post links to some pics we took, and to the video of our little adrenaline junkie taking a big leap over Queenstown. Mom, you may not want to watch this – use your best judgement. Someone conveniently placed a cemetary at the base of the mountain where the bungy jumping platform is. I made sure to point that out to M?lia before we took the gondola up to the top 😉

I highly recommend Queenstown to those living in the southern hemisphere, just beware your wallet. The folks there have a Disney-like talent for separating you from your hard-earned cash – every thrill-ride has pictures and even a DVD waiting for you upon completion.

With our one fun weekend out of the way, it’s back to the grind and the last two months of our stay in Dunedin.

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