But Does Google Translate Team Answer Emails? No.

This blog post espoused the additions of several new languages to Google Translate. Congratulations to advocates and speakers of those languages. What the post doesn’t say that when someone representing an endangered, indigenous language found in the political US, like Hawaiian, contacts the team offering to do a translation for that language no response ever comes.

I have sent an email using the coordinator’s email address as found on the Translate In Your Language page at least a dozen times expressing the interest of our College of Hawaiian Language in providing a translation, and have not gotten a single reply. Plus, the Discussion Group for translators has been broken for as long as I have been trying to get a reply out of this team. C’mon guys, show a little love to some of the languages found in the US, not just international ones. Email me!

Interestingly, I found the UK English translation tools on my page. I didn’t ask for that.

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