How Not To Treat A Customer, Part Douche

World's Most Expensive Phone ChargerFrank Prendergast in Cork documents his experience at a Vodafone retail store when he attempted to collect his repaired mobile. He forgot to bring the power supply for the loaner mobile phone they gave him, and the manager refused to give him his cell back with the promise that he return the power supply. Apparently Frank is a heavy mobile user who spends over €200 each month. In doing the math, the store manager‘s crappy attitude cost Vodafone €1704 and a million dollars worth of bad publicity.

2 comments on “How Not To Treat A Customer, Part Douche

Frank says:

Thanks for the link! I’m sure it’s just wishful thinking but it would be nice to think someone from Vodafone would sit up and take a long hard look at their customer care…

keola says:

Aloha, and thanks for the comment. I’ve yet to find a mobile provider that doesn’t treat customers like prey. Vodafone NZ seems incompetent but haven’t felt victimized yet, probably because we’re on a pay-as-you-go plan.

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