Pixenate: Photo Editing On The Web

One of the reasons I had neglected to use pictures in posts here for so long was the fact that in order to do any kind of editing (other than simple resizes) of the pics I needed to fire up Photoshop. Let’s face it – I’m not that into photography to take the extra steps required. When Scott came onboard and began to use pictures in every post I decided I needed to get with the program.

A few weeks ago Walter Higgins posted a Jaiku asking for people with WordPress 2.5.1 sites who were willing to test his Pixenate plugin for WordPress. Always a willing guinea pig, I did and was quite impressed. There were a few little glitches to overcome due to the lack of some php functionality on my site, but Walter got that taken care of quickly. The WordPress plugin does not have all of the features of Pixenate yet, but they are working on it. Currently you can crop, resize, rotate, enhance and normalize pictures in WordPress. I’ll be happy when some of the other features come online as well.

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