Hawai‘i Tax Dept’s “Fresh Start” Program

hawaii_sealThe State of Hawai‘i has been operating a tax amnesty program for the past month. When I heard about it I realized that I had not filed my GET forms for 2008, and stopped in to make sure that I was all caught up on paper filings and taxes. It was very enlightening. I found out that I had failed to file for a few years ago and apparently owed a few bucks for that year, and that I also had a few old licenses that I had either never used or not used for years. The clerk helped me cancel all of those as well as create a new DBA which is under under the sole license I have now. I didn’t even realize you could do that and assumed each DBA had to be a separate GET license. Anyway, one short phone call and a 15 minute visit to the tax office in Hilo and I had my “fresh start”.

The program ends Friday, so if you want a fresh start, too, you’d better get your gears in motion. Check the tax office’s website for details.

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