Hilo Heart Walk 2011

Yesterday Marie and I joined several hundred individuals at the Hilo Heart Walk–a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. About 30 of the walkers were from Team 365 in 2011–a group started by our friend Liana Honda. The goal of the group is to walk at least 365 miles this year. Having a group of supportive individuals–some of whom I met for the first time yesterday–is incredible motivation. That and the fact that I found a great workout tracking app for my Droid X called CardioTrainer has made a huge different. CardioTracker clocks your miles for you, keeps track of time, calories lost, and also controls the music player in the Droid. I installed it on Marie’s Droid as well, and she’s caught “walking fever”, too. With two days left in February I’m on pace to hit 100 miles for the first two months of 2011. I don’t think I’ve walked that much in the past 10 years, other than the normal to-and-from work and shopping routines.

Thanks again to Liana and the other members of Team 365 for the motivation! Marie and I collected $275 in donations, and our group as a whole raised $1,300. According to the website, the entire event raised just over $84,000 for a great cause. This was our first such event, but I’m sure it won’t be our last.

We also started taking Poochie out on walks around the neighborhood. He’s great on the way out, literally pulling us along.

On the way home is a different story… It’s like dragging a 50lb bag of rice behind you.

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