Kontakt 4/Steve Slate Drums Loading Issues Resolved!

Perhaps one or two people who follow this blog will know what I’m even talking about, but I’d documenting it for the benefit of those who have or will lose hair over this issue. I’ve been using Steve Slate Drums and the Kontakt player for about a year now in my recording. It was great for a long time, but about 7-8 months ago I started having issues with incredibly long load times – sometimes it would take a half-hour or more to load Logic Express projects that contained Kontakt instruments. I crawled the discussion boards, searched Google, deleted .plist files, rebuilt databases, and nothing worked. Finally, today, a breakthrough – Sophos was the culprit. Sophos is an anti-virus program for Mac that looks through files as you download or open them. It occasionally catches a MS Word macro virus in files that are sent to me, but that’s about the only time it’s ever actually done anything for me. Because of the number and size of the samples that Kontakt and SSD contain, it was looking through ever bit of data in the files before it would allow Kontakt to open them. I turned of Sophos, restarted, and- tada! – the files open in seconds.

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