He Ahupuaʻa Ke Mele

“Ke Ahupuaʻa” by Mele McPherson.
“Ke Ahupuaʻa” by Mele McPherson.

I was thrilled to have my paper, entitled “He Ahupuaʻa Ke Mele: The Ahupuaʻa Land Division as a Conceptual Metaphor for Hawaiian Language Composition and Vocal Performance”, published in the journal Ethnomusicology Reivew today. I started it over five and a half years ago in a single 10 hour (or so) writing binge that started at about 2 A.M. on a cold morning in Dunedin, N.Z. After many revisions and much restructuring, and trying to weave western academic theory with a Hawaiian conceptual model (the ahupua‘a) it was finally ready to see the light of day.

Mahalo palena ‘ole to everyone who contributed their mana‘o and support doing this long process, and to the editors of Ethnomusicology Review for feeling it worthy of publication..

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aloha, wondering and cant find an issue number? do you know it? trying to cite this and apa demands an issue # and a doi number…i cant find either…please help a sistah out? ke ʻoluʻolu!

Aloha kāua, this was published in Ethnomusicology Review out of UCLA. It was in their volume 18 in 2013, but no issue number – it’s a web based journal only:


Hope this helps!

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