I’ve been enjoing a bit of ‘Guinness Therapy’ recently.

Who cares that they can’t claim any health benefits, a pint a night has been keep my spirit up for the past week. Guinness claims that in blind taste tests subjects could not tell the difference between Guinness brewed in Ireland and aboad. Still doesn’t taste the same to me. Maybe it’s the lack of the proper ambience. Reminds me of a joke I heard in Ireland:

An Australian, American, German and Irishman all pull up chairs at a pub. The Australian orders a Foster’s and declares it the finest on the planet. The American orders a Budweiser and declares it the king. The German orders a Heineken and claims it to be without peer. When the Irishmann orders a glass of milk, the bartender asks why. The Irishman replies “If these fellows aren’t going to drink beer, neither am I.”

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