There are two things that would make me put out $40 in a flash

One would be a Radio tool that could take Manila root file and convert it so that it could be upstreamed. My NahenaheNet site has been on since the day ETP opened. The server has gotten a bit sluggish, and while I’m not complaining as it is provided free, I’d be happy to move my site off of it if I could convert it to a Radio site. I realize it’s not trivial, and I’m not that versed in Usertalk or the data structures of the two systems to pull it off. The site has close to 1600 posts in the discussion group, most of them being my news items, so doing this manually would be a pain.

The second thing would convince me to renew would be Unicode support on Radio for OS X. Unfortunately that would probably require making it a Cocoa app, and I realize that is not trivial. We’re about to start a 1 to 1 program at our University’s lab school, and I’d like the children to learn how to do weblogs. However, the school is Hawaiian immersion, meaning the children learn all of their subjects in Hawaiian, and therefore would do their weblogs in Hawaiian. While I’ve been able to hack things so that Radio and Userland can display Hawaiian, Mac OS X now ships with Hawaiian support in Unicode, and I’d like the software that they are going to use be able to handle it properly without my having to do a lot of custom coding. Of course I realize that it would cost Userland a lot more than my $40 to accomplish both of these, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

Anybody out there doing weblogs in other languages on OS X using Unicode? What software are you using?

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