Where Are The Irish Artists On The Grammy Ballot?

I’m a voting member of The Recording Academy, which is responsible for the Grammy Awards. It amazes me how few Irish artists get entered. There are a few this year, including Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, whom I had only known as a member of Danu. I checked out her website and her CD sounds awesome. I ordered a copy and got a nice email from her. Susan McKeown, Lunasa, and Solas are on the Traditional Folk ballot, and Enya on the Album of the Year, which has hundreds of entries. Any Irish artists I’m missing? I’ll hold onto my ballot for a few more days in case I’ve missed any deserving artists. I’m disappointed Lasairfhíona is not entered, I believe her “Flame of Wine” was released in this year of eligibility. I would have happily cast my vote for her.

The Hawaiian category is a bit weak this year, very few major artists, with a total of 29 entries, about average. Of course, I’m pulling for my partner Kenneth Makuak?ne there.

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