Obligatory Post

I’ve decided that whether or not I have anything to post, I will make at least one post per month here on Culture Hack. Actually I do have things to talk about…

While my Fulbright application for UC-Cork was turned down, it apparently isn’t the end of the road. I learned about a new program with a focus on music which may allow me to pursue studies there, and I am preparing an application for it. I’ve also continued my discussions with the folks at the University of Otago in Aotearoa (New Zealand). They are excited about my tentative research topic on the change of transmission modality in slack key guitar, and have accepted it pending my formal application to the university. The graduate faculty at UC-Cork are also reviewing my application and I hope to hear from them soon. There is also an interesting music conference being held at Otago in November, and I am planning to write a presentation proposal. It might also give me the opportunity to seek out possible housing and deal with other logistic issues. If I were to end up at Otago, the school semester would begin the following February. If my funding application for Ireland comes through, I could leave as early as this September. Stay tuned.

I also decided to end my Nahenahe.net podcast for a variety of reasons. It may not be a complete end, perhaps it is just a hiatus and the ‘cast simply metamorphasize into something new. I do know that I need a complete break from it for a while, and see where the winds blow.

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